31 July 2010


I hate sufferings,
I don't want an enormous pain
And who among us people
Lives and loves in vain?
All we want is an easy life,
No hardships to face in.
Riches, glory and fame
Those are we want to attain.

But sometimes we are powerless
About the reality.
We can't change the fact
Nor even solve the mystery.
For life is all about choices,
About good and evil thing.
It has only two sides,
Either one you may cling.
We have our freedom to choose
It's on our part if we lose or win.
This is the truth of life,
A battlefield we may think.
'No pain, no glory'
The best way to explain
And the simplest words to take in.

So if these are the things
That are supposed to be.
Be sure to make a stand for good
And reject the evil thing.
What I am only hoping for
Is to have the perseverance
To make it through and gain
For in the end lies
The real happiness and fame.

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