15 October 2010

i-City,Shah Alam

i-City was one of Malaysia's spot. Here some superb amazing and wonderful pictures that i captured.Since it was my first time,this shot didn’t turned out well from what I imagined...It was drizzling when we first arrived there.But whenever i came near ,it was really unexpected.In fact,it really awesome and totally amazing.I wanna suggest to all of you to come here since its free to everyone.At the mean time,u can release your tension and having a great photoshoot with your love one..here,take a look!!!


  1. gambar mse tgh suap mknn tu pling best... ngeh3...

  2. I had been going there once a week previously. Semata2 utk beli coklat murah kt situ, aku tak tertarik langsung ngan lampu2 dia..haha..

  3. don't u think u just wasting your energy just 2 get free choc rather than seeing d beauty at there?